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Last updated on 15 October 2020

There is gamers, “gamers” then “”gamers””. Personally, I’m in the “gamer” category. Well. I think so. I play Minecraft, Sims 4, Animal crossing, Stardew Valley and a few more. However, I do like a single player mode sometimes. Sometimes I will log onto minecraft and just build on a flat world (or creative world) until my heart is content. Its fun! But sometimes, you can experience burnout. Disk version and also like bordem version. You can get bored on the odd time. If I get bored, personally, I use like a few apps on ipad or iphone. BUT, I’m not here about that. Im here about consoles. The extinct ones that I’ve had that is. And a few modern ones.

A great example of a Extinct console- The Wii. WII (see what I did there 😉 ) had one, but, it died. and last year, I got one from CEX for £25. Honestly? Worth it. Resident Evil 4, Sims 3 (the best version of sims 3 in my opinion). 2 great games on the Wii.

These lists are MY OPINIONS.

Nintendo Switch

Lets start with the switch. So far, I only have what? 8 games? maybe 6? That includes Youtube. I have Minecraft, Animal Crossing New Horizons (if you wanna be friends on there, hit me up 😉 ), Fallout Shelter (nice time killer), Blades, Asphalt 9: Legends and the Nintendo entertainment System (NES) AND the SUPER NES. In my opinion, these go as follows (one being the best, 8 being the worst):
1: Animal Crossing (I mean, come on, the only thing I’m not too sure about is the “real time” thing, but thats about it! It is a very good game).
2: Minecraft. (Great on all platforms. Lets be honest.)
3: Youtube (Because, Youtube)
4: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
5: Nintendo Entertanment System
6: Blades
7: Asphalt 9: Legands.
8: Fallout Shelter

I do have reasons for this.
1: Animal crossing is really good, its like a really nice calm game, no deaths and no scares etc, which I love. It makes a lovely change from all these fast paced games etc, and with Animal Crossing, you can just take your time, build your own lovely little island, and just, relax. Like that lovely bubble bath… that I havent had for 8 years due to having a wet room. No fun.
2: Minecraft, A bit like Animal Crossing, you can go at your own pace, build until your hearts content (screenshot of some of my builds), if you are stuck, go on things like GrabCraft (life saver!). BUT. And a huge BUT. Thats if Daylight Cycle is off. At night… Things can get a bit… odd shall we say. Starting off as exploding pigs, the infamous Creepers come out at night, along with its other friends, Phantoms, Zombies, Skeletons, Chicken Jockeys (yes thats a thing), Charged creepers (thats also a thing), Spider Jockeys and so many more weird creations and Googlies and Meanie Beanies (any Stampy & Sqaishey fans up in here?) come out and basically ruin you life. So. Turn off mob griefing, get a decent set of armour and a decent sword and go get them! That or do what I do, and just make a bed, build a noob pole (or, if you have a house, in there), cover the area with torches, and just go to sleep, or if that fails, DIG A CAVE AND HIDE. Luckily, the mobs cant see you through glass, so, if you wanted to make a glass shelter to laugh at them while they wander about aimlessly till the sun comes up to burn the skeles and zombies, you can. It can be quite humerous.
3: Youtube. I don’t think I need to say anything else about that.
4: Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This speaks for itself. Classic titles such as Super Mario All Stars, Donkey Kong Country, a weird japanese one that I cant translate, Kirby Super Star (8 games in one!) and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. like all the classics, all adapted for the switch. Which, if you were a fan of the good old SNES, is perfect for you!
5: Normal Nintendo Entertainment System. Again, but like the SNES, this speaks for itself with classic games. Immortal, Vice: Project Doom, The original Donkey Kong Junior, down to Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. Just like the SNES, all these have been adapted for switch, and a good time to be had.
6: Blades. Based loosely on skyrim, Blades is like Skyrim on crack. But with more gore… and more concentration needed. Not the BIGGEST fan, but I dont mind it as a nice time killing game.
7: Asphalt 9: Legends. The reason I put this down as as 7, it is a personal opinion kinda reason. I’m not normally into like racing games etc. But I do like it when I’m in the mood. As you can see above, I’m more into the “relaxed” games such as Animal Crossing and Minecraft. However, Asphalt 9: Legends is a very fast paced car racing game. Sometimes, it’s a game you can play for hours, other times it’s a game you can play for like 2 rounds, and want to play a different game.
8: Fallout Shelter. This is a game that is a good time killer, but only that. It is that one game where you are so bored that you play it.

This list was entirely my own opinion. Soon maybe added to! I maybe getting a few games soon 😉

Nintendo Wii

Lets talk an extinct console. The good ol’ Nintendo Wii. The only console where the only game that still comes out is Just Dance. Also comes out for Wii U, but, Wii? still? Fair enough, but, come on. The Wii? I play about 5 games, So I shall list those now.
1: Dog Island
2: The Sims 3
3: Resident Evil 4
4: Wii Sports
5: Wii Play

The reasoning behind this list
1: Dog Island: Yes, I know its a kids game. BUT, Its full of cute dogs, and its a bit like Animal Crossing, an easy paced game. There are some things that can “shock” you or make you pass out. BUT, you are a nice adorable little puppy, trying to save your furblings life. What is not to like about that?
2: The Sims 3. Honestly, the best platform to play on! Open world, amazing houses, aamzing jobs, and you can walk around yourself using the nunchuck. Cant quite go into some buildings, but its a lovely interactive thing, that you can still murder your sims on, and give out instant karma.
3: Resident Evil 4. You have to save someones life. Ashley Graham, the US presidents daughter. You play Leon S. Kennedy. An agent on the mission. You do have other people along the way, but, things can happen. You have to shoot zombies, avoid dieing (which can happen), while trading with an odd man that always goes “I have something that might interest ya” before opening his trench coat. Its weird and creepy. It also sounds very sexual and rude. In a third person over the shoulder view game, ou have to battle weird things such as zombies, sniffly men with needles shooting out of them that kinda looks like the Marilyn Manson album cover for Mechanical Animals cross Slender man, people in neuclear helmets, and then the cherry on top, zombies that grow second heads. Its a very good game, and despite being released in 2005, its got amazing graphics.
4: Wii Sports. Bowling, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and boxing. The amazing game that can start off a family fight. It has in my family many a time. Mainly when I beat dad at boxing. That 100% Caused a fight. But it could also help you build up hand and eye co-ordinate skills. I mean, some of the wii fitness/training thing they do on there, pretty fun!
5: Wii play. I think all I have to do is say this. Fun for all the family!


I also play a few games on the PC/MAC. Sims 4, Stardew Valley, Dream Daddy, That Dragon Cancer and Minecraft.

If I had to put it into an order it would be the following:
1: That Dragon, Cancer
2: Sims 4
3: Minecraft
4: Stardew Valley
5: Dream Daddy

Normally, my list would be different. But, as I said before wth the rest, there are reasons. Here is why I chose this particular order.
1: That Dragon, Cancer (watch Markipliers video on it here ! Warning, you will need tissues).If you know of anyone that has had cancer, or has it, Defeted it or not (in which case, I’m so sorry for your loss), It follows a tale of a little boy called Joel. It hits home so hard, and its such an emotional game, like, it involves a little boy. I wont say much more (because it might spoil it) but, I have played this, I got half way and had to stop for a bit! it is so well done, and so tasteful for what its for. 100% recommending markipliers playthrough and playing the game yourself.
2: Sims 4. Murderiing people. Making sims of people you hate and murdering them. Whats not to like. Well, My First Pet DLC, which is for another DLC, dont get me wrong, Cats & Dogs EP os AMAZING, but My First Pets…. EA, step up your game.
3: Minecraft. See the switch explanation for it 😉
4: Stardew Valley. For me, Stardew Valley is one that i play, then take a break from it for a while, then go back to it. But its an 8 bit game, with amazing game play (I must get back to playing that) and a few suprises at night. I mean, you can make your own family, make friends, and theres even a multiplayer mode. Which, I LOVE. Theres also small easter eggs you can find!
5: Dream Daddy. Now. This is a daddy dating simulator. you have 5 dads to choose from (its basically an LGBT/Gay game) and you can go on dates with all of them etc! Theres a few small easter eggs in there too! Its a great game, I play it every once in a while 😉

Theres my reasoning. If I hadnt played That Dragon, Cancer, it would have been a completely different list.


Oh the good ol’ PS3. Some amazing games on there! But I shall only list a few, I have played so many, it takes a little bit of effort to remember and rank them all. So I’ll just do my favourites.
1: Beyond: Two Souls
3: Minecraft Story Mode
4: Skyrim V: The Elder Scrolls
5: Assassins Creed franchise
6: Uncharted franchise.
7: Tomb Raider franchise.

Reasoning for this list? Well, Its awkward. Some are anyways, but as I said, heres my reasons.
1: Beyond: Two Souls. This is a game that is a choice game, but whatever you choose, affects what happens. You play a nice girl called Jodie. But, you have a few powers that are Emotionally Charged, shall we say. Your Desicions shape the story. And its basically never been done before in that format! You can astral plane too while playing. Shes basically a CIA Agent on drugs. DONT DO DRUGS KIDS.
2: Minecraft. As I said before, look at the switch explanation 😉
3: Minecraft Story Mode. A but like Beyond: Two Souls, Its a choice game (but Beyond: Two Souls, is a bit different in how it was done), But it has different effects. You play Jessee. Someone trying to being back together The Order Of The Stone. There are some emotional parts through out, but, I wont spoil those. But theres an adorable pet pig. That I will mention.
4: Skyrim V: The Elder Scrolls. Its hard to explain to why I like it. Play it and you will find out. Though I will warn you, It is a first person thing.
5: Assassins Creed Franchise. You play a ninja basically. A NINJA ASSASSIN. I don’t need to say anymore.
6: Uncharted Franchise. Nathan Drake. Kinda like a pirate. But not a pirate. Its third person shooter, and you go on all these adventures, and have funny little quotes such as “I’m sweating like a hooker in a church!”. Its amazing game play, as well as graphics, which for being released in 2007 (the first game), Is pretty amazing!
7: Tomb Raider Franchise. Lara. Croft. Thats all.

Think you might have entirely different lists to me? Or, want to recommed a game? Contact me and do!

Stay Safe!




So, I got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (personally, the 8 looks like an infinity sign) and also Minecraft Dungeons on the switch.

Honestly, they are amazing games.

Mario Kart 8 (again, looks more like an infinity sign to me) is a great game with some old courses too! From the wii, snes, nes, the lot. and Honestly, it is a fast paced game, and I love it.

Minecraft Dungeons, well. Its minecraft, has meanie beanies in it, and is just an epic fighting game! You can rescue villagers, change your hero, earn armour and artefacts!

Thats all! For now 😉

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