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Pets & Photography

Last updated on 1 October 2020

They say not to work with animals for photography. There is a few tricks.
1: Treats
2: Treats
3: Treats
4: Making sure they haven’t got selective hearing
5: Toys
7: Did I mention treats?

As said in my first blog, I lost the best blepper. Wolfie, sadly, had to be put to sleep on the 30th of June, 2020. My best friend, only child I can ever have and antidepressant (I might do a blog on him soon! Show his true PURRsonality… I am so sorry).

He is now in the back garden. On the bright side, his death brought us the garden being level… for once. At least that’s something. Something came out of his death. Even if it was levelling the garden out.

But, he was my meowdel. Meowdel. Yep. A cat model- aka a meowdel. I said it. Fight me. Haha!

I mean, come on. look at these photos! hes a meowdel.

I was lucky with Wolfie. He would tolerate anything I did… Even if its putting a Santa hat on his head, or bunny ears… or bow ties – Which, IS ADORABLE. He was a poser though. We were pretty lucky with that. We didn’t really need treats etc to persuade him! They did help, but, most of the time, you just point a camera at him, and he would do all the work. Bless his little stimky heart. I miss him to bits. It’s life.

But, not all animals are always like that. This is just a few fails that I have had.

I like seeing fails from photoshoots/photos that have tried to be taken and it failed miserably. It shows that no one can get that perfect shot the first time. It makes me smile! Especially with pets!

Now for the good photos.

I only ever had the one pet, and it was Wolfie, so, it was him I mobbed you all with haha!

Here are some honourable bebbes! 30 OF THEM! 😀

If you ever need a chat, please just get in touch with me! even if its to say hello, or ask about my photography! Will be uploading more soon 😉 Keep an eye out!

As a nice little thank you for reading, here is the photo from the first blog, my baby boy wearing bow tie.



I miss you sweetheart… You were my favourite hello, and my hardest good bye <3

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