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In a world of fiction, romance and equality, lies the book,

Home by Aimee Harvey,

With help from Father Lexxie. Seeing how the “other half” of not so looked after children live, George was one of them.

He ended up an addict by the sweet tender age of 5 due to foster carers being a bit… dodgy shall we say. He met the love of his life at 6 years old… not knowing what the future will bring them,

George takes a leap into the real world of cleanliness and sobriety and helping others with their addiction with a nice company with his husband, little did they know that years later, a tragedy would strike.

Two lives, one body, yet… two different lives lived. They finally find their home. But where is it?

Out Now

available at Waterstones
available at Waterstones
available at Waterstones