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About Me

Aimee Harvey is an author, photographer and cat lover and also part of the LGBTQ+ community in the United Kingdom. Even though Aimee is not studying, she is known as a medical miracle, being the 3rd in the country to be diagnosed with Syringomyelia, and 2nd in the country to have a shunt fitted!

What is Syringomyelia? Well, glad you asked! Imagine a straw. And then you have a bubble of fluid that will not shift. It nearly bursts the straw. That is what happens in the spinal cord. And slowly over time, the bubble of fluid, called a syrinx, slowly, but surely, splits. But not all straws are like this. Some straws can get rid of it, very easily, but other straws, not so much!

However, in the spinal cord, it crushes nerves, and leaves a few side effects. Aimee had an operation in 2005 to fit a shunt in- which basically gets rid of the bad, and keeps the good like a sieve. It keeps out the lumps, yet gives you the good stuff. In 2015, it was discovered a new syrinx was below the original one, which the shunt does not reach.

Using a DSLR Canon 2000D, Aimee creates odd photos, things including of graveyards, but, there’s always a small nugget of history in the photos. Aimee is also an author, with her debut book, Home, being published on the 4th of May 2020, which is also known as starwars day. 

If Aimee is not answering emails, taking photos or writing, she can always be found either: Playing minecraft or doing art to help mental health. That or finding a cat to stroke.