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Sun, Sea, Steak, Dresses and Blisters

Last updated on 7 September 2020

Lately in the UK, the temperature has been in the low 20s. BUT, with high humidity. So I thought I’d shave my legs and pits and wear a dress! With dresses, I like to wear small heels (like 2 inches high), I thought I broke them in. Oh no no no. Apparently I hadn’t. I had Blisters on my little toes. One of them being blood blister. and me being me, I had an itch there. So I scratched it. Shouldn’t have done! It was like that hangnail you get, and you peel it and it just carries on peeling, and you just become surprised that it didn’t go to the bone? Well, my right little toe was EXACTLY LIKE THAT. And it still hurt about a week later. Expected! The dresses I wore though showed off my legs! I generally don’t show my legs, but, thought why not! But the day after getting my blisters, I went out with my boyfriend!

I basically INHALED the most lovely well done steak. It was in Wetherspoons in Ramsgate! Sun and Sea views. Lovely. However, due to COVID-19 you have to do certain things. Hand Sanitiser- I’m allergic. So that is no fun! Also test and trace forms blah blah blah. Thing is, there is masks mandatory in some places. I am exempt. But that is beside the point. It is annoying here right now. Oh well. Its life, is it not?

A few days later, The blisters came back- and worse. So, I decided to peel them. HUGE mistake! Don’t pick things people! It will not end well. I am now in flipflops most of the time. Little toe poking out! Haha! I love freaking people out like that!

I have many dresses though. But I LOVE the vintage look. But I also love playing about with brights. Rainbows, just pure colour! It’s FABULOUS! sometimes, it does not always go right, but, practice makes perfect.

It’s a bit like anything in life. Practice makes perfect! Even if it is just getting out of bed on a bad day.

On that day, when I got home from a lovely steak that I inhaled, I was done in. I went upstairs, sat on the bed, relaxed and tried to not fall asleep. I played Minecraft I think! Yes, yes I did actually! I was in so much pain, but honestly, it was so worth it!

Due to my Syringomyelia (link at the bottom of this post to show you what its kind of about), I have muscle wastage, I am double incontinent, severe pain and also fragile ankles. I could break my ankles just by walking. And going out with my boyfriend was like a treat for me. I live right near the seaside, and to be honest, I rarely see it or go down there. So with me going out more, its causing SO MUCH MORE PAIN. But honestly, It is so worth it! I am on Tramadol, cocodamol and ibuprofen though, so that could be contributing to my happiness most of the time. Yeah. 100% is.

I like to end things with a photo. So. Heres one.

Super grumpy pole cat

Here is a super grumpy pole cat for you. This adorable kitty (to be honest, I dont think he was fed enough toona. Come on guys! Give the poor kitty some toona!) is in Howletts zoo in Kent!

If anyone ever needs a chat or a moan (or even buy a limited edition book, £10 each! I have only a limited amount of copies left!) just contact me. Even if you just want a chat (LGBTQ+, mental health, etc) or just a email friend, just message me! I shall get to you as soon as I can.

Much love,



Information on Syringomyelia: (blog coming soon about it in full!)

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