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Wolfies one year of death.

Last updated on 27 June 2021

A year ago today, I lost my best friend. He had to be put to sleep. He was shitting everywhere, throwing up, the lot. And it just wasn’t fair on him. So, I had to say goodbye.

His final resting place is in the back garden where I can visit him every day and talk to him. 

When we first got him, we lived at Queens Avenue in margate. It was 2005. I had an operation for Syringomyelia at King College Hospital in London by Dr Christopher Chandler, but before that, I was in St Thomas’ hospital in London for a TV interview (that’s for another blog)! 3 months later, I got my best friend. Wolfie. He was the runt of the litter. Sorry. Best FURiend. He was at the age he could leave his furmum and let me be his mum. His previous name was Mowgili as he was from the Jungle Book Litter! 

  I had to use a V corner pillow because of my back, it was also the most comfortable for me. But little did I know, Wolfie would love it too! When we brought him home, I sat there, and I had him snuggled to me. He decided to “eek” like all kittens do, steal my heart and then proceed to shove me off the pillow and put his scent over it. He rubbed himself all over it and rubbed his purrecious little butt on it! And I still have that pillow. But all kittens smell magical. They smell like baby powder. He didn’t. He had his own unique aroma. That’s all we can say. Just, Eu De Wolfie. Especially as he got older, it was the old age cat (oac) smell. 


I remember just laying there one morning, mum came got me up with him in her arms and just the sweetest kiss from him, well, I say sweet, It smelt like the previous nights tuna and that mornings cat food. I think it was beef. But he just gave me a good morning kiss and a good morning purr!

Sometime in 2006/2007 time (I cant remember exactly when it was one of those years), he had a bit of an argument with dad and dad put him outside, and we didn’t see him for about 3 days. That morning, I came down about 6/7am maybe (we were in margate at this time), and I went into the dining room and he was sat there by the window meowing! I instantly opened the window, picked him up and hugged him, which purrs started up! I know it was a weekend that or I wasn’t sent to school. I instantly took him up to mum and dad and went “look who’s home!” and we just sat there on the bed, so happy he came home. We just gave him fuss, cuddles and kisses and everything all day, including treats! His sweet little meow when he wanted a cuddle that day, it melted my heart.


Fast forward a few years, we realised he didn’t like his food. So we changed it to Sheba. It had Whitefish. The smell of poo. Lovely!

but, now hes gone and my life has never been the same.

I miss you Wolfie. More than you will ever know <3

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