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University Vs Chronic Illness

Last updated on 16 October 2020

So. I went to university. For 4 months.

I dropped out.

On the 13th of September, 2018, I started a university course at Canterbury Christ Church University. On the 13th of December, I dropped out.


I had a huge breakdown. 3 in one week to be exact. And, it wasn’t pretty. Within those 4 months, I was fine. Then on the 12th of December, I broke. on the 26th of December, my sister moved in, and about 5 days after that, I broke down again. But, you know, nothing to do with her. Just didn’t know she was moving in until after my 3rd breakdown. Thanks for telling me guys (please note the sarcasm).

The first month, I was fine. No problems at all. The second month, meh. The third month, I was fine still, then the 12th of December came and I just broke. And we still have no idea why. I was doing so well with my work, medication was off due to the doctors I was with at that time (they were shit), I am hoping to be back there soon, however.

I was in foundation year of photography. and I loved it! Just a shame what happened, happened.

But, if you know what to do, University with Chronic Illness, it can be easy, as long as your lecturers know whats happening with you and your health. I missed 99% of my seminars due to pain, but, I did catch up quitequick due to the online thing they upload to called BlackBoard. I also got my assignments in on time too!

My lecturers were just amazing and so helpful and supportive! Unlike my first year in college… That’s another blog for another day.

If I was in pain, Id just message my lecturers, and they would send over the stuff I needed on blackboard, then once I’ve had my meds and a nap, and I felt ok, I would just log on and work on, often int the early hours of the morning, and just bang on with it, then as a treat, I would play a bit of a game! I didnt have my switch then, so it was a fact of just sitting at the desk to play a game,that or I would read a book!

In my dorm, I had all home comforts, my own bedding, my teddies, my blankets (I got a new one while there of a huge tabby cat, and its heavy and omg its amazing), and a photo of grandma and grandad, and my little boy, wolfie. That is all I needed. Oh. And a few art bits and my mac obviously. And I also had a nice, lovely, little sign saying “Homo is where the heart is”!

It was my own space. I would also occasionally go to the library, study a bit, then come back, relax, and have a lasagne or something… still in the packaging. Like the plastic tub thing. Cause I really couldn’t be bothered to take it out, I also had like a glass lap tray so I just used that, shoved music on and studied while I ate. I was like Garfield that ginger cat that LOVES Lasange. I also had a love for mac n cheese! Tuna pasta salad, that and Pot Noodles.

I mean, I didnt have much time there, but, I had the best time of my life there. And I am more than hoping to go back. Luckily I decided not to this year!

I think thats all I can tell you really… But, never mind! Heres a photo from my time there!

Though, late at night, it was funny! Hearing the drunk ass students upstairs (I was on the ground floor in a disabled room), well… trying to get upstairs, was pure hilarity. And I loved it.

Anyways, I think thats all I can really say…

If I think of anything else, I’ll post another blog.

If anyone wants a chat, or even a moan, please, get in touch using the contact form!

Aimee xx

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