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Periods and the Stigma Around Them (Note for men at the end!)

Last updated on 17 October 2020

Periods, Menustration, red waves, That Time Of The Month, checking into the Red Roof Inn, on the rag, Harrie Carrie of the vagina. Whatever you call your periods, Just know, it’s normal. No matter what people say. It’s not a sign of satan or anything. It is all just your body.

I started at 13 years old. Being double incontinent, and now knowing what periods are, you could imagine the confusion. like, just looking down into your dry nite (and yes, I fit in them still, but I only use them if I have an event to go to so it’s not as noticeable, but I’ve upgraded to attends 😉 ), and just seeing blood. It is confusing. But, once you get your first one, sometimes you might not know if it’s coming, I didn’t. But sometimes you might. But after the first one, it could be every two weeks, to every month, just until your body gets used to it! after that, you will be a pro. Though I am 22 and, sometimes I still don’t know. There again, I do suffer from a spinal condition, and sometimes back pain vs period pains can be mixed signals, so that is no problem. I am used to it.

That’s not all that happens. with PMS, aka premenstrual syndrome, you can turn out to be an absolute, mega ass, huge honking BITCH. I know I can be. But honestly, girls, you do you. If you wanna be a bitch, be a bitch! Nothing wrong with it around that time of the month. All you need sometimes is a hot water bottle, a good film, tissues, a good blanket. Oh. And food. Personally, I have a lot of prawn shells and chocolate. Boyfriend- I know you are reading this. Like. just chuck chocolate and Tesco own prawn shells at me when this happens. Another thing I personally found helps is Bachs Rescue Remedies! It comes in drops, pastilles you can chew on (my favourite), or Lozenges (great for on the go! all individually wrapped up) and a few more types! You can get 2 flavours that I know of which is the original elderflower and orange or, blackcurrant! they just relax you and calm your muscles down if you have had those pain killers.

After PMS, comes the blood. Like, if you have a problem with blood, be prepared. Cause it could get so messy. like. You ould leak boo. It’s not nice. Just, take it in your stride. It will be ok. it will just though however, be an inconvenience.

However, in other parts of the world, there is a massive stigma. In some parts of the world, people believe that its the possession of the devil, or evil at least. Some people think it means you are impure. Some consider them as Taboo but then you have those that don’t care. There’s a certain lack of knowledge about them, and it just makes it people humiliate women. In Venezuela, women are made to sleep in a hut for when they are on their periods as a shameful thing, which luckily in some parts, has been banned. In Ghana, women on their periods cant enter a house with a man in it, or cook. And some of these women, cant have access to period products, free bleed and can have so many infections.

Even though its natural, women become discriminated, harassed, as their periods are seen as a form of weakness, despite it being purely natural. Because boys and men are not educated, they become very misogynistic about it.

The problem with this is, it can even hold people back from education, and in places such as Ghana, it is almost 20% of the school year they miss due to it, due to not having the correct stuff too.

The thing is, when I was in school secondry school that is, we wernt allowed to go out and change due to the head teacher saying no we couldnt go and change. However, our female teachers were lovely and said ok, some of the male teachers too, because they UNDERSTOOD periods, understood what we are going through and they have been educated about it.

In the world, there is something called The Pink Tax. Long and short, us women pay tax on period products. Only very few shops have stopped that, such as Tesco. Places such as America, Trump for example thinks its a luxury to own these and kept the pink tax. They tax things like tampons, pads, diva cups, period disks and a lot more. Even some medication.

So many teens and even adults miss work or school etc, just because of lack of access to products. And they will never get that day of education back. Men and boys need to be EDUCATED.

Credit to the artist.

Onto more positive things though. You can have kids (if you want, personally I can’t, but I would rather adopt), you can get out of sex, you can blame being at work late on it, and so much more.

Also, you won’t be looked at weirdly for eating a lot if you do. A bit like me, I can eat like a horse! though… I still won’t put on weight, I’ll just be a bloated ass bitch for a week. like, Henny, If I want to eat, I will eat.

But you can also get period subscription boxes! Here’s a link to one that has 3 of them on
Also, on Beauty Bay, they do a few period bits.

Now, a note for the men. LEARN ABOUT PERIODS. JUST… LEARN. NOW. Also if your girl wants it, just lob the food she wants at her. Just… Do it. Like, do it.

Happy Perioding!

If you ever need a chat, just use the contact form and I shall get back to you asap <3

Aimee xx

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