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Pain Vs Clothing

Last updated on 15 January 2021

With Syringomyelia, it can cause so much pain. And that means certain clothing cannot be worn. For example- Tight, tight, tight clothing. Like something that’s about 3 sizes too small. That shit hurts. So, I prefer like baggier clothing. On my diary, I had said that I brought an Unus Annus Hoodie (which, I shall be ordering more merch 😉 ), I got an XL. Normally, I would order a medium or a large. But, with my hoodies or like coats, I like to go a few sizes bigger! Extra comfort = A happy me.

When I am in pain, it affects my mood massively. I can be the biggest A-hole in the world. Clothing vs pain, well, that can differ. Some days, I cant even wear a bra. Like, if its pain, and i cant wear a bra, its a loose top and an xl hoodie. That or I just lay in bed with a blanket over me and thats it. Mainly the latter!

But, I love and adore my baggy clothing. baggy is the way to go for me! That or mens clothing. I don’t put clothing by their genders! I know many men who love wearing women’s clothes cause they are comfy! And I am personally one of those that will wear mens clothes for the comfort. To be honest, I’ll wear anything, even croptops that are all pink and girly with “look at me! I’m cute and my tits are massive!” as long as its ok with my pain on a BAD day.

I will say though, different clothing options are a godsend! I can hardly breath in my prom dress. and I was dead the next day with pain. But, I felt amazing! The day after prom, however, I woke up, shoved tramadol down my throat and just, shoved on the baggiest, non restrictive clothes I owned (aka a onesie). My skin, it hurt by the simplest AIR touching it. So I did very very VERY little that day. I couldn’t. I was in so much pain.

Generally though, you will see me in skinny jeans (the only thing I can wear that doesn’t make me look like I have a dick), a band t-shirt and then a baggy hoodie. For the bag, I tend to just use a peter rabbit changing bag. It will have like an attends or two in it, my phone, some art bits, wipes and things like that. oh. And my headphones. Kitsound Harlems to be exact. So, it tends to be minimal stuff i have to carry/the lightest stuff I can manage.

What can I say? I Have moments of causing myself pain… Ohh… might wear my Ovniki boots (look out for a photo on those) see how they go with pain.

If anyone wants to get me some clothes, i take an XL in my hoodies, 10-12 in skinny jeans and i like a medium/10/14 in my tops 😉

I am going to go down a CBD gummy and get on with things and hope and pray that the pain doesnt get to me too much!

gooooooood day everyone 😉

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