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Last updated on 18 October 2020

It is Christmas day. The tree is up and sparkling, the skull as our topper is alight, the wrapping paper all over the place… The Christmas music (Thanks Rupaul for coming out with a Christmas album) blaring out on Spotify. Find my playlist at the bottom of this blog 😀

Another iconic album is Now Thats What I Call Christmas.

There is another classic, but, I’ll leave that for the playlist.

When I have Christmas music on, it makes me feel like I can do ANYTHING at that point. Even if it is just… laying in bed, going to sleep and dreaming of snow. Yeah, in this part of England where I am, we haven’t had decent snow for about 3 years… To be honest, we haven’t even had snow in about 3 years… Oh well. Might just get some fake snow. Spread it everywhere. SORTED!

But the presents under the tree, the smell of food cooking, the onesies coming out, advent calendars all opened, chocolate stuffed in your mouth and blanket on you and then a good Christmas film with the family. To me, this the perfect description of Christmas. I am not religious. Like, yeah, I’ll talk about religion, but push it onto me, and I will argue. But, that’s just me. Christmas to me is family, presents and food. Come on, food is amazing. Especially Christmas food.

I’ll probably post up what I got later! Right now, I’m spending time with my family. and I will be all day!

Have a very merry christmas (or, whatever you celebrate), and as always, if anyone wants a chat, get intouch with me through the contact form and I shall get intouch ASAP <3

My Christmas (play)List!

Aimee xx

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