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Its a new year… New me? NOPE. (Swearing warning)

Last updated on 15 December 2020

Nah. Not a new me. More like, new books? I am well into writing a new book… Well, I say a new book… I mean about 3. One unnamed one, Pointes of life and also Incense & Roses, which, Incense and roses… Is it a follow up to home? Fuck knows right now. Even I don’t know what’s going on with that one.

Let’s face it. 2020 was a complete and utter pile of shit. Coronavirus and people screaming “OMG YOU HAVE COVID-19!” The second you coughed, even though you are asthmatic, or even like the pre-sneeze gasp thing you do when you have a tickle in your nose ready to sneeze even set the people off. Come on. I have asthma! I didn’t have fucking coronavirus! If I did, I wouldn’t be out. I would have used my common sense and not go out. I have a common sense to NOT to do that. Because I AM NOT AN IDIOT. I AM NOT A TWAT.

But I will say this now. I am NOT getting a 2021 planner until I see the damn trailer for it. Like, I’ll accept gigantic cats becoming tame to the point I can stroke them etc, but another bout of covid, nah ah.

But, we shall see what this year brings, shall we?

Hope everyone has a happy new year!

Remember: DONT BE A DICK.

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