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Georges Post 1 (Swearing warning)

Last updated on 16 December 2020

I have been made aware that the lockdown, quarantining etc has made people… relapse.

Hi! I’m George Lunar Mars Vaughn-Ray and I help people with addictions. I myself, I am a recovering addict and also recovering alcoholic and I have relapsed as of recently.

  I just actually am coming off a relapse… And I want to tell people that I understand how you all feel. I understand how the withdrawals sneak up on you, how the thoughts overtake you, how… how your feeling at that time. It is horrible. It really is horrible. 

  It is like, darkness engulfing you in a cloak almost, just as if to say “you’re a pile of shit” and your brain just foes “you are a pile of shit, you are worthless” etc, and it almost causes a depression-like state. You become withdrawn, you don’t eat, you just want to stay in bed and you just want to pick your poison essentially. Then you have it… And it’s like a relief. Like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. As if the world has been taken off your shoulders, and you have not a care in the world for what everyone else says or does. Then when you come off that high, the depression becomes so real and you feel like you want to die, you want to commit suicide etc.

I’m here to say this. DONT. DO. IT. NEVER give up, and don’t end it just because of one thing. Which, I hate hearing about. I just want you to breath. and also remember, you are not ALONE. You MATTER. Just… Breath.

My husband and I helped people with addictions and I wanted to help people that perhaps wanted some help, but could not afford it or have no access.

Steyvan Vaughn-Ray and I wish to help you all. BUT no one person is the same. But before that, breath.

We also want to say this.

In Aimees book, Thres a quote that my husband always tells me, and I want you all to live by.

Resistance is Key; The Key To Life

Steyvan William Vaughn-Ray

I live by this every day. It has helped me so much, to the point of where, it’s drawn me out of suicidal times, relapses and a lot more. And I want you all to just remember that small quote.

As I said previously however, everyone is different with how they handle things. Personally, I handle things like relapsing by doing resistance training as I call it. I sit there in front of what I want to do (eg drugs), and I sit there, and make my body resist it. Tell myself I do NOT need it. I also go for a walk, clear my head or do some art, or even do some bits with my daughters and sons and husband like play a game on the tv or something. My husband, he deals with things by going into his own little world, drawing and sleeping, sometimes even just ignoring the world and sitting there staring out the window.

Everyone is different. And no matter how you deal with it, just know, that someone is always out there for you, even if its for a nice friendly chat or using them as a venting person or a swearing match to help you feel better (thank you Hara if you are reading this! It helps)!

If you want to talk, just please email us at or and we are always free.

Just give us an email and one of us will be there asap 🙂 All free, and we will even accept a small moan or a friendly chat too! We are up for anything! Unless its illegal, like, thats a no haha!

Just remember, You are not alone.

George & Steyvan Vaughn-Ray
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