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A blog about my son, Shadow.

This is my son, Shadow. And on the 19th of October 2020, he came home. He is the softest, purriest little boy ever. He also smells like baby powder.

His ears are like velvet, his fur is soft as silk and his eyes are like a weak ambery green but getting brighter every day. His beans are all black and the claws… well, they are sharp and sharp. But he also loves sleeping in the bed, as you can probably see. He absolutely loves the bed! pouncing on everything for no reason, being a chatty kitty and becoming fluffier every day.

555555555555 d111111115tttttttttttttg5a

as wisely said by Shadow.

But, only on the 20th of October 2020, we discovered that he is part TABBY! In the right light, you can see his stripes, and he is just stunning.

He has the M on his head too! His purrecious little peets are just too cute too! like smaller than a 50p!

Follow him on instagram at @shadownbe to see his life!

Aimee xx

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